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Mar 13, 2013 8:00am PDT
on the overhead. the issue is where this touches the apartment it doesn't above fifth avenue so hence gary and adam have been windbreaker the owners of the kirkland height we're having to go through their property. i'm going to >> i'm going to ask adam to address that. >> good morning commissioners i'm the project manager. i have been working and discussing with the property owner of the kirkland heights about the possibility of creating an easement or some type of assess arrangement to doing to fifth avenue. obviously, there are a private landowner and we need their approval to assess their property. negotiations have been ongoing weigh haven't been able to reach an agreement. but at this point we haven't been able to come to an agreement. we would love to see this happen again, it's outside our ability to grant >> you show on your map does that easement continue down to the end of the street? >> they have the utility easement. >> the issue is it's owned by i believe u c s f by the city is not named on title for that utility easement it's outside my body of knowledge to know. it's al
Mar 13, 2013 4:30am PDT
letter on behalf of barbara brent an gary. i would like to first apologize for not being able to attend in person as i was unable to take the day off from work. i hope you will accept my enthusiastically written letter on behalf of a good friend and mentor mel murphy. let me please start by giving you a little of my background. i have been a resident of san francisco since that district in 1987 when i moved here from santa cruz to go to college. i am currently a 32 year old working mother of a five-year old little girl who will be attending public school here in san francisco this coming fall. also notably, i vote in every election in my district. i have known mel murphy since the summer of 2008 when i met him while we were both doing service work with people with substance abuse problems. over the years i have seen am murphy tirelessly devote himself to this cause and many others. i have known him to mentor, empower, employ, men and women that society had thrown away. a quality of mr. murphy's i have always admired was his ability to not only see the promise in the individual he chose
Mar 14, 2013 5:30am PDT
gets cleaned up this is schitzoid thinking. >> it could sell, 50, 50 food or alcohol. >> gary sells 70 percent alcohol. so they are illegal under the planning code as we speak. and the problem is that the planning department is starting to use that definition to attract restaurants that they don't like that they think are catering to people that are 21, 22, 23 that go out to eat and this is the kind of stuff that they want. and i say leave it alone. polk street is great. >> thank you. >> anybody else? >> good evening, michael kay, and thank you, i am in for a restaurant in the business for 20 years and i am also one of the owners of a mctege's bar on polk street in business for 20 years. it has been very warming to hear and watch the body language of the supervisors and joseph, and hyde and steven lee to see very encouraging that there are people who care about the night life. they say that the youth is wasted on the youth today. it is not, so many wonderful young people out there and there is one or two that will step out of line, but the majority on polk street, wonderful and energet
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)